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father dad daddy

我的爸爸翻译成英文是:my father / my dad希望对你有所帮助.


My father 43, but he was already very deep wrinkles, head also peppered with white hair, again plus father ferial don't notice instrument, at first glance, like a person under the age of 45, father not only 1 meter high, how to 65. Father people good, with

What's your father?What does your father do?What's your father's job?都可以

站在最左边的这个是我爸爸 The left is my father 很高兴为您解答,希望对您有所帮助,满意烦请采纳 点击【采纳为满意答案】按钮即可,万分感谢!(*^__^*)

艾伦 Alan/Allen/Allan艾伦Alan/Allen/Allan爸爸dad/daddy/papa/father艾伦的爸爸 Alan(Allen/Allan)' s dad(daddy/papa/father)


我要做个好爸爸: 译文:I want to be a good father

爸爸 father 口语化是dad妈妈 mother 口语化是mom父母是parents= =

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