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Worry about

worry 英 [wri] 美 [w:ri] n.担心;烦恼,忧虑;撕咬 vi.担心,焦虑;为…发愁;撕咬 vt.使烦恼;烦扰;撕咬 第三人称单数: worries 现在分词: worrying 过去式: worried 过去分词: worried

担忧baidu [dāzhin yōu](v) worry 关联dao词版条权:be anxious for be anxious about misgivings misgiving uneasy about uneasiness fear be afraid of be all anxiety

担心 [dān xīn] 基本翻译 worry feel anxious 网络释义 担心:concern about/for/over|concern about 担心地:apprehensively|a rehe ively 担心太多:worry too much

I have had many difficulties since I started to learn English. Since I come from the south of China, I can not distinguish nasal sounds from non-nasals: they sound exactly the same in my dialect. Thus, I had a hard time telling “night” from “light”

有两种形式,一种是名词trouble; worry; annoyance,一种是系表结构be vexed; be worried

worry about 担忧roll around, run on, run out, 流逝

be patient with

I am down. I am blue.I feel bored. I am gloomy. I'm annoyed and morose. unhappy i am blue是伤心,I feel so sorrow depressed.

用了and,所以勉强可以接受.当然更好就是在kitchen 后面加will have


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