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I am afraid of her running to play in the moutains alone.He doesn't agree his daughter to drive.He doesn't agree his daughter to fall in love with others too early.He warns that man not to disturb his life.

worry to do worried about doing

1.be afraid of doing sth担心/害怕某事发生2.worry about sth为某事担心

害怕做某事 英文翻译 Be afraid to do sth.

be afraid to do sth 表示担心某事会发生.be afraid of doing sth 表示害怕做某事,也就是不敢去做.如: I'm afraid of laughing loudly,because I am afraid to wake him up.我不敢大声笑,因为我怕吵醒他.呵呵,自己原创的句子,应该很好理解了吧!这两个害怕是有区别的.:)

be concerned about be worried about 答题不易,满意请采纳!谢谢!有问题欢迎追问!

be worried about sth worry about sth 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

1. 用句型“be afraid that从句”表达“害怕某人做某事”的确可以,不过更简洁的短语是:be afraid of sb/one's doing sth.2. 短语区别如下:1) be afraid to do sth 因为害怕而不敢做某事如:I'm afraid to go out alone at night.2)be afraid of doing sth

I'm afraid to do something

be afraid not to do sth


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