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高级 [gāo jí] 翻译: Advanced 高级(阶段、级别达到一定高度的) senior; high-ranking; high-level; high; superb; higher; high stage; (质量、水平超过一般的) high-grade; top grade; high-quality; advanced

高级 advanced expert high-ranking [经] high class high grade

i think we are lucky that we live in China,because we can try different kinds of climates in one year.spring.the whole year's work depends on a good start in Spring.and in this season,the famers is busy in sowing.but for me,i am not much like this

高 翻译成英文有两种译法:1、tall 英式读音:[t:l] 美式读音:[tl] 中文谐音:套欧 adj. 身材高的,高大的; (数量) 大的; (俚) 过分的,夸张的; adv. 夸大地; 趾高气扬地; [例句]Being tall can make you feel incredibly self-confident 个

The specialist's pain is that, no qualified opponent is available, so that there's no breakthrough unless holding the challenge.Being in a good team, even if not outstanding, but he can catch up on base of discipline from his own and the teammates.

比较级: the comparative degree 最高级: the superlative degree

高的英文:high、tall.具体释义:1、high 英文发音:[ha] 中文释义:adj. 高的;高级的;崇高的;高音调的 n. 高水平;天空;由麻醉品引起的快感;高压地带 adv. 高;奢侈地 例句:The sun was high in the sky, blazing down on us.太阳高挂在

高的英文是tall tall英 [t:l] 美 [tl] 比较级:taller最高级:tallest tall 基本解释 形容词:身材高的,高大的; (数量)大的; (俚)过分的,夸张的 副词:夸大地; 趾高气扬地 tall 同义词 形容词:exaggerated extreme excessive high tall 反义词 形


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