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I'll be fine. 我很好 I'll be better.我会更好

1、do it better!2、it's not the best!

Not the best but only better

When I was a little girl ,I dreamed to grow up. Because I think a child doesn't has freedeam,and can't do anything himself. But now I have grow up,to my surprise,I feel more tired and have more surfrng.Though I can do something myself, I don't feel

the more ,the better

没有最好,只有更好_有道翻译翻译结果:There is no best, only betterbetter英 ['bet]美 ['bt]n. 长辈;较好者;打赌的人(等于bettor)adj. 较好的vt. 改善;胜过adv. 更好的;更多的;较大程度地vi. 变得较好

在某方面做的更好 Done in a better被认为应该、拿走、身份证、帮助别人、获得足够的锻炼、职业足球运动员、昨天夜里、开始上课、溜冰马拉松、一双溜冰鞋.Should be considered, taken, identity cards, to help others, receive adequate training, professional football player, last night, the beginning of class, ice-skating marathon, a pair of skates.

Tomorrow will be better 《明天会更好》英文版 When you wake up in the morning 当你早晨醒来 When you haven't started to think 当你还没来得及思考时 There is a whole brand new day 忙碌的新的一天 Open wide and waiting for you 张开双臂在

1.植物长的更好:Grow better2.女孩长的更好:look prettier3.男孩长的更好:look much handsome

没有最好只有更好,最早应该是青岛奥克玛冰柜的广告词 这个广告词来自一首小韵诗 请看 goodbetterbest,neverletitrest.tillgoodisbetter,butbetterbest.那么没有最好,只有更好就是按照后两句一样翻译 tillgoodisbetter,butbetterbest.------------

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