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近两千单词,做起来太熬人,先翻译了四分之一多一点,帮你解决暂时的燃眉之急.明天有时间的话接着再翻译.Logic and IntuitionThe road to transcendence is traveled via intuitive thinking, which may also be called nonlinear or

This paper in the luxury of defining the basic concept under the premise of its existing basic characteristics: high-quality, high prices, high technology, personalized, the scarcity of culture, the times, and in accordance with three criteria The

在下不清楚到底怎么翻译人名,晴儿,尔康和永琪,就暂时拼音了啊.老佛爷(太后)我也就用直译,听起来很怪,但是我不知道你这段东西的前因后果,所以我没法替你选择称谓的翻译.自己改吧.Emperor's mother:"Qinger, don't worry

RespectedLeaders: Hello! Thank you very much for examining my self-recommendation. My name is Wang is Guangling Yangzhou University School of Environmental Engineering 2008 session graduates. Youth life in the golden age, I treasure the

Today I come here.Today I look here.Now time has passed.But you are not here.希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O

A dream means the best wish that we are longing for, the goal that we are striving for, and the drive with which we are steping on,.我有一个梦想,即,我的父母变老的一天,他们不会有任何疾病、任何痛苦或者任何哀痛. 他们将愉快地居住直到

China is a large agricultural country with a large number of rural population. The establishment and improvement of a new retirement pension insurance system for the rural

I believe that the exercises every day to keep us healthy, can allow themselves to become stronger, not plagued by fear of disease. Health is important to everyone, wants healthy body must do more exercise, and exercise an hour a day, 50 years of healthy, happy life for life.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very honor to have this chance to introduce myself .I'm a 31 years old oculist who come from Beijing.I graduated from Hubei

1.I have done some investigation, her conclusion was based on facts.2. This village got its name from the high mountain right in front of it.3. It is very possible that he might be refused by the army due to his poor eye-sight.4. It is obvious that the


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