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I depart from you that 's not the way what I choose to leave you.(表达离开你的方式不是我期望的) I leave you,bu it's not means that I choose to part with you.(表达我离开你不是和你分手)

away from

马上离开[词典] Leave at once; Leaving now[例句]They, you and we should leave here at once.他们,你们和我们,都应当马上离开这里.

呵呵,英语就是 to leave is also love.

别在我离开之前离开 Don't leave before I leave


I will leave you 例如,我将要离开你的世界. I will leave your world

离开 depart, leave, move away

我们会在两小时之内离开 We will leave in two hours. 当你离开的时候要向别人告别.You'd better say good-bye to others,when you are leaving. 我很后悔,上课一直忙于睡觉. I am very regret for I was busy with sleep in the class. 我需要做完所有家务劳动吗?是的必须. Do I have to finish all the housework? Yes,you do. 请再给我一次机会吧. Please give me another chance.

Fuck off,let's make it easy.

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