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谁有美语会话全集的全部视频?可以提供吗?全集是这个吧 手打连接会被秒 麻烦你手动输入了

求一段关于运动简单的两人英语对话 至少十句B: With pleasure! What do you want to know?B: 非常乐意。你想了解些什么呢?A. How long have you been playing

关于运动的主题两人简单英语对话,五句以上A: Wow, you like swimming very much .It's a good idea!B: OK,let's go to swim.What about your teammates of

关于运动的英语对话A: Which sport do you like best? 你最喜欢啥运动呢?B: Let me see, oh, yes, I guess I’ve loved basketball ever

求一篇以“运动”为话题的英语口语对话,要求一到两分钟讲述A: Why do you like them?你为什么喜欢这些运动啊?B: They're free of charge anyway.[chuckles].Well, it makes me

求关于运动的英语对话 两人 4分钟 急急急急!!!A:Do you like sports?B:yes,I do A:what kind of sports would you like?B:basketball,footballmy favorite sport is

求一篇关于运动的英语对话I have invited Tom, Jack, Bred and Michael to my apartment. Would you like to join us watching the game? We can play

写关于我喜欢的休闲活动的英语对话,4分钟左右,,个位大神帮Hi, I am great, thanks, I am John by the way.what do you in your laisure time?Oh,I like to play table tennis.C

有关运动的英语对话有关水上运动、冰上运动、马术的Let's go have some sports!(Dialog)Jenny:It's so warm today!Let's go and have

关于运动的英语对话A: Which sport do you like best? 你最喜欢啥运动呢? B: Let me see, oh, yes, I

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