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求助“图书馆借书”的英文对话B: 不可以,这是图书馆的规定。B: I’m going to browse the shelves. Coming Y?Y: Sure, but first our question of the

求一篇有关到图书馆借书的英语对话,要求3分钟左右A:heyB:what can i do for you?A:i have booked a book last month,and you called

用英文写一段在图书馆向图书馆的管理员借书的对话_百度知 借书时你可以说:May I borrow this book? (我可以借这本书吗?)或者 Hi,I wanna borrow this book. (你好,我想借这本书

求一篇有关到图书馆借书的英语对话,要求3分钟左右。_百度知 A:i have booked a book last month,and you called me come to get it.B:What's its name?A:"One Day",by David

急,求一英文情景对话!关于在图书馆借书的,A:hello!can you help me B:yes,and what do you want to do A:well ,I want to

请帮我编一篇有关到图书馆借书的英语对话,尽量多用礼貌用语噢 顺便一提,我现在学的ABC天卞英语中心的导师说过,如果想学会英语应该是不费力地 绝对有个适宜的学习情境和练习口语对象,这

【请帮我编一篇有关到图书馆借书的英语对话三个人的A to B:HELLO!Is there anything I can do for you?B to A:Well!I'm just wonder

大一新生图书馆借书还书的英语对话A:Good mornoon.早上好.B:Good mornoon.早上好 A:I`d like to know how to use student ID card . Could you help me?

请帮我编一篇有关到图书馆借书的英语对话 希望编的可以多一Yes,I wang to borrow some books.OK.FOllow me.OK.What books that you want to borrow.I 'd like to borrow some books

求一篇图书馆借书场景的英语对话,要用到这些词:reserve,oveB: You'd better make a reading list. Don't just take away a stack of books from the bookshelf mindlessly. You should

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