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You may feel that college life is boring. We do not know how to deal with the plenty of spare time. But I think the college life will become wonderful as long as you make it meaningful. In your spare time, you could play basketball, football and so on.

life in the university-大学生活 life in the university is not as satisfactory as what we had expected. first of all, we are tightly hound by continual classes, excessive homework and exams; some students complain that we are becoming "exam machines

My college lifeFor me,the college life is relaxing.Because I usually have classes in the evening.So in the day ,I have a talk with my classmates by the internet.When I have difficulty in studying,I could ask my teacher and classmates in the evening.I am

my campus life 我的大学生活 my campus life is rich and colorful. 我的大学生活是丰富多彩的. i go to attend class everyday morning excluding 除了周末,我每天早上去上课. weekend,in class i study and discuss all kinds of 在课堂上我学习各种

不知道字数要求是多少哈,希望能帮助你I was so excited when i entered the college. For so many years, I worked hard to achieve this dream and finally i made it. Everything seemed fresh and curious to me. I was so pleased that I would enjoy my

朋友说:"我的大学,可以没有荣誉,可以没有友情,也可以没有爱情,但是不可以没有目标,每天做一些接近目标的事会让我更快乐.” 随着春花的一次盛开和一次凋谢,我意识到我已经浑浑噩噩,糊里糊涂的度过了大一的生活,不知不觉走

College life As a sophomore, I feel that the time flies. You may consider that college life And then , You can join a lot of associations and University Student Councils In our

希望我的回答对你有帮助My college life The college life is wonderful. All life in school are fresh. New teachers, new classmates and fresh friends are around me. I've felt their friendship, wide knowledge and opening mind. The grand library, school

ONE:University Life Time spent at a university is a most worthwhile period in a young person's life. This is a time when a student begins to form his or her ideas about life in general. Attending classes and studying in the library keep a student busy


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