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您好,这是我的答案,如不满,请追问.As we all know,sometimes computer games can make us enjoy ourselves,but on the other hand, sitting in front of the computer for a long time is not good for our health.So I wish you to treat it carefully.Now there are some advice for you.

do a lot of writing

高水平的写作能力:High level writing Skill

I don't know how to practice my writing, I don't know how to write.

Notice! There would be a English speech match in our school at the school dining room on August 5th 2001 .The principal speaker will be Mr.Jackson who is an american doctor teachs in the ShanDong university and he will be talking about

According to relevant statistics, China's primary and secondary school textbooks if we can reuse the implementation of annual cost savings of up to 70 billion yuan. Similarly, students of the school year is also a huge capital expenditure. When

I am a high school student, learning very busy. My father was a worker, he is very hard to earn money to sustain our lives, but he rarely communicate with me, occasionally angry, I want to talk with him, was into the understanding, but I do not know how do, please help it.

Lu Xun is my favourite writer.He is one of the most famous writers in China.He wrote a large number of literary works.Thus,I want to be such a great writer as him.

什么作文都可以吗Our school has recently opened a "English writing" section so that students published English compositions, communication, improving their writing level. We have a teacher

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