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brother或者bro. 就是brother的简写.或者dude, 这个口语中比较常见..也是哥们,兄弟的意思

brother,口语上一般简称为bro,比你大的叫:elder brother, 比你小的叫:little brother 【楼主参考下~希望对你有帮助~】




brothersn. 哥们儿,兄弟;n. (Brothers)人名;

1. He is the man who lives next door. 2. This is the book you are looking for 3. I still remember the first time I took a plane 4. Do you know the girl whose Japanese is very good? 5. This is the village that I stayed in last year. 6. I don't want to hear the reason why you were absent.

哥哥 elder brother弟弟 younger brother兄弟 brothers

brother 兄弟 older brother 哥哥 younger brother 弟弟 望楼主采纳:-) 麻烦采纳,谢谢!

兄弟的英文:brothers 英 ['br(r)] 美 ['brr] 释义:n. 兄弟;教友;同胞;<俚>老兄 n. (名词) [C]兄,弟 man or boy having the same parents as another person [C]教友,会友 a male member of a religious group 例句:用作名词 (n.)

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