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英语作文:my BirthDAy 和翻译

以“我的生日晚会”为题,提示:dance、sing、guitar、happy. 大概讲我的生日晚会 多谢了Today is fool's day and it's also my birthday. My name is Sam. I'm 11 years old.

today is my nineth birthday.my mother and my grandma buy a big cake for me.when i get home,i see a cake on the table. there are nine candles on it and there is a present next to the cake.i ask my mother and my grandmother:"what's it?"they say

my good friendLiMing is my best friend.He is 12 years old.He has a short black hair and wears a pair of glasses.He loves reading all kinds of books.And playing basketball is one of his favorite sports

My Birthday Yesterday was my birthday. I had a lot of fun with my family and friends. I got up early to take a walk with my friends .Because I wanted to enjoy the first morning in my 16th year. During the walk I talked happily with my friends about the past

My birthday I'm a 12-year-old girl . My birthday is Dec.14,2002. Because my birthday is close to Chirstmas, I always got two presents on my birthday. I'm very happy about this.This year, my birthday is on Saturday. My father took me to a big shop

My BirthdayMarch 5th is my birthday.It's also a special day to memorize a great person -- Lei Feng. This year I celebrated my birthday in a different way. In the morning, I got up early and cooked breakfast for my parents. At school, I helped my desk-

my birthday last yearmy next birthday party is on february 23rd.i shall get up early that day.in the morning,i am going to the fair to buy some snacks and drinks for the evening party.and my mother is going to the buy a gift for me.in the afternoon,i am


My birthday Today is 3rd March,my birthday. I'm very happy.My friends Tom,Mike and Betty celebrated it with me.Before my birthday,they suggested to have a party. But I don' think that was creative enough. So we decided to go shopping together in


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