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another genius “地才”就是另一个“天才”

我有听过前面那位提过的ABC夫下中心 是s.在网上比较有名的

亲爱的楼主:不要着急哦~“尽快地”的翻译有很多种、可以选择性的需要网络翻译:As soon as possible个人翻译:hurriedly、hurry up都行

The abstract In the face of "Western medicine"as a study of pharmacy students,the impact of a large number of Chinese traditional medicine market, the status quo.Through a professional perspective,"Chinese foreign" the reasons for the

1、确切地说 in fact; to be exact; to be precise; in fact2、to be exact3、to be precise4、更确切地说 or rather; to be more precise; more precisely; plut?t adv.; or rather5、to be more precise 或者确切地说 or rather;

(军人,士兵)翻译成英语:soldier/army (有耐心的)翻译成英语: patient (容易地)翻译成英语:easy (教)翻译成英语:teach (推迟)翻译成英语:postpone

The man is a hard-working postman.These are office assistant, they are very lazy.Those girls are stewardess? They're very young and beautiful.These apples are very delicious.Look! There is a hairdresser.

我们永远都好朋友.. We're good friends forever,无论在哪里.. no matter where we are都要在一起.. we'll be together我们要加油.. come on,朋友啊.. my friends毕业后要记得我喔! Always remember me after graduation亲爱的你们还要很幸福!My dear friends,wish you happy forever!

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