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BEEn A long DAy

为您解答这里been是过去分词形式,所以前面是has,构成现在完成时的基本结构.It has been a long day.

I'm tired 我很累 It's been a long day. 这句话具体意思其实是要有上下文的,比如,工作了一天很累,感觉这一天很长;再比如,这一天干了很多事,感到很累.

s been a long yearAnd I's ok to breakInto a thousand piecedNo one can replaceOnly I can find my wayIt's been a long dayAnd I just wanna hide awayIt's been a long weekI's been a long weekAnd all the lines come down heavy on meIt's been a long

It's been a long day without you my friend,这是漫长的一天,没有你,我的朋友,双语对照 例句:1.It's been a long day. 今天真的很不容易.

原文没错.它的完整写法是It has been a long day.如果把been改为busy,主语就该是I,而不是It

It's been a long dayAnd all I've got to say is Make it strongIt's been a long dayAnd all I've got to say is I've been wrongSo take a leave of absenceTell me you'll be goneI don't want to see your faceIt's been a long dayAnd I just want to


It's been a long day.直译为:这真是漫长的一天.(意译为:今天终于过去了/今天过得真难受/今天过得真艰难/今天过得很不爽) 祝你开心如意!O(∩_∩)O~~

管理员大概发疯了,那种滥答案也选成网友采纳!It has been a long day 属于 S+V+PS=ItV=has beenP=a long day.


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