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join与attend区别第三人称单数: joins 现在分词: joining 过去式: joined 过去分词: joined attend 第三人称单数: attends 现在分词: attending 过去式: attended 过去分词:

英语中,join的过去式是什么n.连接;结合;接合处;接合点 第三人称单数: joins; 现在分词: joining ;过去分词: joined 例句

joined的现在式是什么?in the fun.现在加入其中享受快乐还来得及。[其他] 第三人称单数:joins 现在分词:joining 过去式:joined过去分词:joined

joined用英语怎么读1.Peggy: that's when I joined the family business. 蒋:我就是在那时加入了家族生意。< 展开 作业帮用户 2017-07-05 举报

join+介词的用法和例句(翻译)还有,May I join thewere joined by marriage; join forces.结成夫妻;联合武装力量To connect (points),as with a straight


joined用英语怎么读joined 英 [dʒɔɪnd] 美 [dʒɔɪnd]v.连接( join的过去式和过去分词 ); 联结;

join后跟动词的什么形式过去式: joined 过去分词: joined 例句:I'll sing the verses and I'd like you all to join

join的过去式是什么“To join”(意为结合、连接等)的过去式和过去分词就是“joined”, 而不是“joint”。Joint也是个单词,当名词讲时是骨节、关节

have joined与joined首先,join是瞬间动词 have joined 和joined 前一个是完成时,后一个不是,完成时比较强调状态


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