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just quit it放弃它

just do it[英][dst du: it][美][dst du t]就这么干吧; 百科释义Nike 广告语Just do it1类似于 go for it;耐克这句广告语是广告中的经典,既简单清楚又很口语,而且从不同人的角度都会有不同的意思.从消费者的角度,意思是:我只选择它;就用这个.从商人的角度是:来试试.而将这句话用在日常的生活中就有了更丰富的含义,这要看语境而定.可以理解为:想做就做;坚持不懈等等. just do it,突出年轻人的自我意识,强调运动本身. just的意思是仅仅就样.可以引申为不要考虑太多 ” 也是耐克公司体育精神理念2广告语来源Nike 在1988年时提出了这个广告语

just do it想做就做双语对照词典结果:just do it[英][dst du: it][美][dst du t]就这么干吧; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Quit studying and discussing your mission and just do it! 别再研究、讨论宣教了,就去做吧!

running man20150823 E261背景音乐,插曲,歌曲[RMFW]01.32上集回顾1: William Escobar 《Soft》02.00上集回顾: (Clon) 《 》02.50 上集回顾3:Cool 《Lady On The Beach》04.10 上集回顾4:DJ Doc 《Doc Mega Mix》06.

歌曲: Anything (feat. Swizz B.. 歌手: musiq soulchild 专辑: 《Musiqinthemagi..》复制歌词 下载LRC歌词Yes, woo Let's dance. Woo Its music time, woo music timeBack like we never left, I mean you might as well put on your good outfit tonight,

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JUST BECAUSE - Merise Take a look at what we've got, You said it is good and I'm saying it's not, Could it be that we don't see How much better this could be~, Take a look at where we are, Trying to earn that shiny star, All we've known is

Love just don't quit 爱不能止Fell in love, with a girl Lost my hold on this whole world Sad to say, it's about truth There's nothing more that we could do But Love just don't quit So hard to see from where we sat Love just don't quit It's not a box

smoking is bad for your health, just quit it.戒烟用quit smoking是对的,其他的都不是固定表达.

Whatever It Takes- The FadersI've been lying here for like a million years in my bedGet up get up get upAll the time I can hear you talking in my headShut up shut up shut upEverybody says I should be moving onEverybody knows I'm still waitingI don'


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