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两个the发音都是[ðə] 因为USA和United这两个单词都是[j]发音(即非元音)开头

United States n. 美国; 美利坚合众国 [例句 ]The finals of the Championship begin today, matching the United States against France. 锦标赛决赛于今天打响,由美国队对法国队。 .The United States plans to tighten the economic sanctio...

US 美国 直译叫做 联邦合众国。 United States: n. 美国 词形变化: 异体字:United States of America 例句与用法: 1. People from many countries immigrated to the United States and Canada. 许多国家的人移居到美国和加拿大。 2. The Presid...

Because in the Untied States.If you can speak English.It's eazy to get a job and the United State has many good social welfare.

这句话可以写成....in the united states which belong to the group of developed countries. 可以看出belonging to 修饰的是united states,因为是“美国属于发达国家”而不是“经济危机属于发达国家”。 作定语也可以是逗号:比如,...in the unit...

U.S. Customary System/U.S. Customary Measurement Systems 美国惯用单位制,美国是世界上唯一不采用Metric System(公制)的工业化国家。


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