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love fool ; break the car window ; can“t control this feeling ;no air.


我帮你多找点把分给我吧!!!电脑常用英语硬件篇CPU Central Processing Unit 中央处理器,计算机的心脏Memory 存储器,内存ROM Read only Memory 只读存储器,只能读不能写RAM Random Access Memory 随机存取存储器(内存属于

the 读作 [],汉语没有 [] 这种意思,只能近似谐音为 “得”.window 的音标是['wnd],可谐音为 “闻兜”.

1. Leaves will come out again when they fall, won't they? 2. He let me see the branch without leaf outside the window.

To say that is a Chinese living abroad,but his English is not so good,one day he heard the window someone says:look out! Look out.He thought that someone called him out to see what, then head out of the window.Then, he was a vase smashed.

窗户:window / casement 落地窗:french window 希望对你有帮助!

开门: Open the door.开微机: turn on the computer 开灯: turn on the light 或 switch on the lift 针对不同的设备(物品),有时会用不同的动词或动词词组

Bird flew, but forgot to take my sorrow,All should end garishly.I will say Bye-Bye to you with smile.I'm not your leading role, You are not my ending.I will hide the fictitious sorrow.I'm not your lover,You are not him I love.Open the window, breathe fresh air,

最好说by the computer,也可以说beside the computer,但是用near 就不大合适了.此外表示在旁边的介词有很多,但意思不尽相同,比如:next to是紧挨着,near 是在附近, beside 是在旁边,但多用于人,by也表示在旁边,相当于beside,但是by还含有依着,靠的的含义,比如,by the window


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